Marketing and communication  cannot be successful without effective communication and communication alone cannot be used to make a brand , marketing aspects have to be involved. That’s why it is important for SMEs to consider marketing communication as a fundamental part of its marketing efforts.

So what is marketing communication?

These are strategies, methods and tactics used  to convey the messages in a unique and creative manner, either in a direct or indirect in nature with an intention to persuade the customers to indulge or purchase the products and services.  Marketing communication involve the use of various modes, channels and platforms such as digital marketing ,PR exercises, content marketing, social media marketing and promotion , print and broadcast advertisements ,trade fairs and exhibitions.  

A company thrives  when the messages that are used on these channels have an effect on their targeted customers.

Examples of companies who have does this well are APA insurance and Safaricom are two of the leading companies in their respective industries .

They have managed to use the aspect of sparking deep emotions in their advertisements for their targeted customers. Their advertisements use emotional ,family related  videos that  have gained a lot of response because people relate to it and that make them feel.

Safaricom most recent Mother’s Day Campaign Video

Some reactions from viewers on twitter



Businesses should find different ways of connecting with their customers and most importantly be human. Thus fostering goodwill and trust in the market  due to consistency and authenticity.


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