The one thing that is true for all of us is that Public Relation is changing.In 2019 these changes are coming faster than ever before. Technology is continually disrupting the industry. PR has become more than sending out press release and building relationship with journalists.

Digital PR increases awareness of your brand online. It reaches a much broader audience that can’t be reached with offline methods. Thus making a bigger impact. Digital PR relies on internet-based strategies such as SEO, content, social media and email marketing.


Below are some of the trends that you need to know when planning your PR strategies for the next half of the year.

 1.Analytics and measurement is a must do.

Data is playing a central role in the ever changing world of PR. Currently, marketers are using data from social media and  other online platforms such as websites to  understand precisely how messages are received and by whom. In addition, this data is used to optimize impact of the messages. Some of the measurements include engagement,clicks,reach,downloads among others.


Facebook measurements data

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2.Shift to influences PR.

Marketers are shifting from using celebrities to appear on the billboards to market their products .The new trend is using influencers to create relationships and create trust with the target audience. Youtubers are creating content that promote various products on their youtube channels. For instance Eric Omondi is promoting Lato milk company.


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Kip KeMONDI #LatoMilk

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3.Flexibility and Experimentation

We cannot rely on one particular channel. PR strategies are shifting all the time. It is important to always be ahead of the curve. Companies should not use the previous campaigns because they worked before. However ,they should be experimenting new ideas all the time in order to stay up to date. As they say you can’t place all your eggs in one basket.

4. Taking advantage of digital media to tell stories.

Companies are taking advantage of the endless possibility of re-telling stories using videos and live streaming. They are using personal brands to boost the PR of companies. For example,young entrepreneurs are using the personal Instagram pages to do PR for their companies.Posting previous content using different medias and formats has become a norm.

As a result, these trends are clearly showing the PR industry is becoming a more exciting world.


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