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For small businesses, social media is no longer optional. With the right social media marketing plan. You can create effective campaigns, promote your business and market your products. Social media data analysis gives businesses opportunity to connect with customers and leads. While there are numerous social networks that provide a platform of explaining how your products work, and much more, it’s important to realize that simply having a social media presence is no guarantee of success.

Social media is crowded and very competitive. That’s why its  essential to test and track your results so that you can identify the most effective strategies – which is why social media data analysis is so important.Understanding the  social media mistakes and areas to improve on for better your sales and growth.

While it’s always nice to increase your following, likes and so forth. It’s even more important to focus on the quality of your followers. Are you engaging them? Are they likely to become customers or return customers? Detailed analytics allows you to answer these and related questions.However ,you can’t keep track of everything, so you have to decide what data matters most to you. The following are the measurements you should give priority anytime doing analysing your data analysis.

1. Engagement rate.

Engagement  rate is the total number of times someone has interacted or engaged with a post.The engagement rate often used in analyzing the effectiveness of brand campaigns. People who spend time interacting with videos,designs  and blogs are more likely to convert into paying customers. Engagement rates also have subset measurements  such as likes ,retweets,comments ,shares  and clicks.Engagement  rate  is  important  since  it  helps in analyzing  how  effective  your  advertisements and campaigns are doing online.






Impressions are the number of times a post from your page is displayed.

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For example, if someone sees a page update in their Facebook news feed and then sees that same update when a friend shares it, that would count as 2 impressions.Impressions are a crucial metric in  campaigns – you want your content to be remembered. Higher impressions number suggests that people go back to your content or that the algorithms showed it more frequently – both of those things are indicators of matching the interests of your target group.


Reach  is the  number of people that saw your content, whether it appeared organically on their news feeds, shared or commented by their friends or it was an effect of a paid campaign. The greater the reach, the higher number of people that saw your content – it’s that simple.Most  of the time people confuse reach and impressions,now you know the difference.

impressions are never smaller than your reach.

4.Link clicks

A link clicks is a more specific form of click that sends your viewer to another page or experience and away from your post. It’s  defined to tell you how many people are taking action by clicking to visit your designated landing page. Knowing how much traffic you’re getting from a specific link will tell you how popular it is and which channel is most effective for the type of links you share. You are wondering where are my link clicks?The one thing people forget is that ,if you are not sharing any links definitely you will have 0 link clicks.Its good to share your brand’s website links so that people can learn more about your company.

Social media analytics  provide insight into the effectiveness of a social media strategy, it is even more helpful in pointing the way toward opportunities for improving both strategic and tactical approaches to social media marketing.Ideally resulting in more revenue and higher profits for your business.

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