One of the key responsibilities of digital marketers is a brand’s website. Primarily, the goal of any website is to convert visitors to marketing-qualified leads then into clients and to entertain anyone who visits it.

 Jumia is an online marketplace where thousands of people buy and sell their products. Their main business comes from the site. Currently, Jumia Kenya is among the top 20 most visited websites in Kenya.

This question is why Kenyans visit its web all the time? What Jumia is doing on its website that your company is not ?

Creating content that is relevant to every person who visits it.

According to research done early this year, 77.9% of the people visiting the website are Kenyans. Jumia is the first website to record an equal number of females and males visiting it. Additionally, the visitors are varied from younger people in colleges to older people who are up to 55yrs of age.

Making your website attractive and easy to maneuver in it.

Jumia ensures that the graphics are well done and attractive. Furthermore, the site is light does not take too long to load pages as well as it is easy to navigate. Navigation means that when trying to find something or any content is easy breezy for anyone. Thus explaining why Jumia’s bounce rate is 35%. A good bounce rate’s website ranges between 26% to 40%. 41% to 55% is roughly average. 56% to 70% is higher than average, but may not because for alarm depending on the website

Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.

Visitors can leave a website because they are unable to find what they are looking for or there is a lot going on leading to confusion.The home page should be ‘clean’ and ‘smooth’ this will help to navigate to the places they want. If no one knows how to use your website, your conversion rate will be very low to non-existent.

 Having a website Resources Page

jumia's attractive websiteA resource page presents all of your content offers in an organized and useful manner. Therefore making it easy to get to the right page when a visitor is very interested in what you have to offer. Hence one can then download the resources that they have the highest need for, convert into a lead, and tell you more about the specific problem they need your help solving. Jumia has done it so expertly leading earning more profits from it compared to other normal products.

Including content offers regularly.

There is no day that Jumia will miss to have an offer on their website eventually helps to convert the people who are visiting from just visitors to leads then customers.jumia's attractive websiteBesides, for service-based brands ensure your blog’s topics are related to the services you offer which will be interesting to a website visitor and that can ultimately lead them to need your service.


A mobile friendly website

 Most of Jumia’s customers access the website from their phones. Jumia has ensured that the user experience and the design are to best serve each type of user in the most effective way possible. Your website should be providing an optimized mobile experience as the computer does 

Every company’s website is different depending on its end users. Work to address the specific needs of your users. It will start you on the path to developing an effective and revenue earning website. Always yearn to improve your digital marketing goals.

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